Simon Carter is simply one of the finest producers working in the industry right now; he's a pure mentalist when it comes to electronic music and his production is top notch. He's able to tackle a wide variety of genres and crush them with a club twist. If you haven't heard of him before, now's the time to seek him out.” - Brutal Resonance Magazine

Brutal Resonance

Simon Carter

Electronic Music for the dancefloor

UK based artist Simon Carter has been in and around the electronic music scene for many years and has been releasing music for over a decade. Simon has several notable projects under his belt. He released a series of successful albums and EP’s alongside Studio X (Studio-X vs. Simon Carter) on Alfa Matrix Records and also had success with his solo project SD-KRTR (also released via Alfa Matrix Records).

More recently his unique sound and blending of genres saw him release a series of dancefloor friendly tracks under his old DJ alias of Narconic, whilst he also formed the electropop act Humans Can't Reboot supported by the fabulous vocalist Amy Hannam.

One of Simon's latest ventures has quickly become one of his most popular, the witch inspired Industrial Techno project which he creates alongside German vocalist Fabsi.

Simon has maintained the highest level of discipline and creativity. His vast eclectic discography is as impressive as it is addictive. He maintains the highest standards of integrity and is now a fully independent artist through choice and will remain so.

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Simon Carter & Fabsi (Industrial Techno and Tech-Trance)

Humans Can't Reboot (Synthpop and Electropop)

Narconic (Trance)

Simon Carter is an international renowned force for his modern dancefloor electronics which touch nearly all thinkable styles between Synth- and Futurepop, Trance, House, Techno up to the harder genres. Also his remixing abilities are widely recognized and often requested, just check the Alfa Matrix compilation series "Matrix:Reb00ted 05" on which he could already present his talent for different artists out of the label roster. ” - Marc Tater

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